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Quick Drip IV for Hydration

Quick Drip IV for Hydration

Recover Fast and Boost Your Energy with Quick Drip IV. Contact Neighborhood Wellness Clinic to learn how!

One of the most overlooked factors in maintaining energy and mood is hydration. As human beings, we sometimes have the habit of forgetting the most fundamental aspects of our health. At Neighborhood Wellness Clinic, we can help you boost your energy and recover fast through our Quick Drip treatments. These treatments can help your body repair and renew. Our IV therapy is a treatment that utilizes an intravenous drip to introduce vital electrolytes, minerals, and amino acids directly and immediately into your body. This process leaves you feeling refreshed, energized, and happy!


What Is Quick Drip IV?

Our IV therapy is designed to provide your body with the nutrients it needs quickly and intravenously with a fortified IV solution. This system allows vitamins to get inside your body directly so that you can metabolize them much faster than taking oral vitamins. What is in an IV depends on your specific bodily needs. The IV drip cocktails we provide are explicitly formulated based on your condition and needs.

What Does It Address?

Do you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? In addition to hydrating you quickly, our custom blend of vitamins and anti-oxidants will help you get back to normal in no time by increasing your energy and supporting your immune system. It helps prevent and assist with dehydration; this 45 min treatment replenishes electrolytes and is excellent for rehydrating and rejuvenation. This is also a perfect solution to minimize a hangover the next day. Contact our specialists to learn more about how Quick Drip IV can benefit you.

How Much Do IV Infusion Treatments Cost?

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Quick Drip IV Treatments in New Braunfels & Schertz, TX 

Hydration is the most vital element your body needs for optimal functionality. At Neighborhood Wellness Clinic, we offer Quick Drip and numerous other IV treatments to help you get all of the vitamins and nutrients you may be lacking. Book your appointment at your closest location by using the online scheduler or calling (830) 302-4578 for New Braunfels and (210) 372-8010 for Schertz.

What Is Quick Drip IV?