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Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy uses synthetic peptides to replace peptide deficiencies to increase overall health and wellness.

Peptides – the future of medicine is here! Peptides are naturally occurring biological molecules and are found in all living organisms and play a key role in all manner of biological activity. Peptide therapy uses synthetic peptides to replace peptide deficiencies to increase overall health and wellness. Schedule treatments at Neighborhood Wellness Clinic in New Braunfels or Schertz today!


The Peptide Therapy Treatments Available at Neighborhood Wellness Clinic

BPC-157 Body Protective Complex

Referred as the “Wolverine” supplement because of it’s amazing healing capabilities.

Benefits: Speeds up tissue healing and recovery, promotes joint and tendon health, helps regulate blood pressure, reduces post workout pain, accelerates bone healing, improves gum and periodontal disease, protects the gut and repairs damages by inflammation, aids in andiogenesis – the regulation of blood cells, reduced the risk of oxidative stress.


MK-677 (also known as ibutamoren), promotes the secretion of the growth hormone (GH) and increases insulin like growth faction 1 (IGF-1). Ibutamoren increases growth hormone levels by mimicking the action of the hormone ghrelin and binding to one of the ghrelin receptors (GHSR) in the brain. Activated GHSR stimulates growth hormone release from the brain.

Benefits: Helps build muscle, improves sleep quality, helps wounds & injuries heal faster, increases metabolism, increases libido.


It is a melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) that affects sexual arousal, aiding enhanced libido levels and penile erections.

Benefits: Increase in libido in women, enhance vigor and sexual desire, elevated degrees of sexual gratification, strengthen penile erections, skin tanning, mood enhancement, stronger climax, helps with lack of sexual desire in men & women.


This peptide generates increases in growth hormone secretion, but without the appetite stimulation and increase in cortisol, acetylcholine, prolactin, and aldosterone seen with other peptides in its class. This is a great option for those who are looking to promote a steady and improved release of Growth Hormone.

 Benefits: Decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, increase strength & energy, improve quality of sleep, helps combat insomnia, improves immune function, improves fat burning.

Peptide Therapy in New Braunfels & Schertz, TX 

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