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COVID Immunity IV Drip

COVID Immunity IV Drip

At Neighborhood Wellness Clinic, we offer IV treatments to help alleviate any symptoms due to Covid-19. Schedule in New Braunfels or Schertz, TX today!

Intravenous (IV) drip therapy has been proven to provide considerable benefits to your health, appearance, and performance. Whether you’re ailed with a chronic health condition or an athlete looking to boost performance, IV therapy delivers necessary vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and other necessary nutrients directly into your bloodstream—leading to increased energy, hydrated muscles, and improved overall wellness.


What Is The COVID Immunity Drip?

Our Covid Immunity IV Drip is a comprehensive solution to alleviate any COVID-19 symptoms you’re facing while also bolstering your immune system and providing much-needed hydration to your entire body. This drip includes the following vitamins and nutrients to boost your immune system and relieve COVID-19 symptoms.

  • IV fluid: The IV fluid consists of saline solution, water, and electrolytes to quickly replenish all your body’s lost fluids. If you’re suffering from nausea or diarrhea, it’s vital to stay hydrated.
  • Vitamin B complex: B vitamins help build a healthy immune system and increase the body’s production of white blood cells. A study shows that B vitamins can potentially reduce COVID-19’s severity and help you recover from the disease.
  • Vitamin B12: B12 also increases white blood cell count and energy levels. Some studies show that B12 may slow down viral replication within the body.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps boost your immune system while also reducing inflammation. A study on vitamin C and the common cold found that regular vitamin C supplementation reduced the cold’s duration.
  • Glutathione: Glutathione is vital in reducing inflammation caused by COVID-19 that can sometimes lead to organ failure. A study found that raising glutathione levels can reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Zinc: Zinc helps alleviate COVID-19 symptoms because it boosts immune function and decreases viral replication.

COVID Immunity IV Drip

How Much Do IV Infusion Treatments Cost?

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Benefits of this Immunity Drip

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, and many people who become infected with the virus face debilitating long-term symptoms. Even people who recover from the illness may require intensive medical care. Some mild cases can persist for weeks and leave you feeling sluggish and unable to think clearly. IV treatments are a fantastic option to help alleviate symptoms and hasten your recovery time. They deliver fluids, antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients directly to your bloodstream, where your body can absorb them rapidly. Treatments work to alleviate the COVID-19 symptoms quickly you’re facing by infusing your blood with hydration, nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and medication. Our specialists will discuss your symptoms with you and suggest the best-targeted IV treatment for your specific situation.

COVID Immunity IV Drip in New Braunfels & Schertz, TX 

We ensure you that the health and safety of our patients are our main priority. At Neighborhood Wellness Clinic, our approach is to tailor treatments to your personal needs and administer them in a comfortable environment. Book your appointment at your closest location by using the online scheduler or calling (830) 302-4578 for New Braunfels and (210) 372-8010 for Schertz.